Interstellar Odyssey – cast announcement

Colleen Ann Guest is pleased to announce she has been cast as DR. OLIVIA HARRIS, PhD  in the upcoming feature web series, INTERSTELLAR ODYSSEY. INTERSTELLAR ODYSSEY is an independently created web series in the tradition of ‘Forbidden Planet’, ‘Lost In Space’, and ‘Star Trek’ that chronicles the second interstellar Earth ship ODYSSEY as it attempts


A model? A model what?

I have to laugh when I think about pursuing a career in modeling. Only stuck up, self centered, rail thin, statuesque, 17 year-olds aspire to model, right? Well, yes and no. There is a whole world of people of different shapes and sizes and somewhere, in some publication, they need to represented. And I’ve discovered


I Don’t Wanna be God

Questions linger. Why did he lose his job again? They’re all strong in their faith and have been shining examples of what Christians should be. What purpose can this be serving in his family’s life? Why did she die? She was too young and had so much life in front of her. Her family certainly


Patriotism isn’t dead

My day yesterday began by touring the book depository and grassy knoll in Dallas, TX where JFK was assassinated. I tried to absorb the awesome weight of it all while physically being in the presence of those historic places. Admittedly I was having to stretch myself to feel something more than a dutiful sense of

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Saturday Mornings

Grain free eating isn’t that hard but it does require a little extra effort and forethought. In the past couple of years I’ve actually had to think about establishing some routines in my life, which, for those that know me well will nod in agreement, is like trying to bottle the wind. I’ve always been


What’s UP with your Hair??

Sitting in the barber chair, I felt my head get significantly lighter as the barber snipped away my long tresses. It was a liberating feeling! It was like something intangible was lifted away along with the weight of the hair. I couldn’t help feel a tiny little bit of remorse though for what I had


Hello world!

I have a site! I really don’t know what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, but it’s getting built and published somehow. I hope to figure this thing out and get it up and fully operational soon. YIKES. Pray for me!

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