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Saturday Mornings

Grain free eating isn’t that hard but it does require a little extra effort and forethought. In the past couple of years I’ve actually had to think about establishing some routines in my life, which, for those that know me well will nod in agreement, is like trying to bottle the wind. I’ve always been an impulsive, fly by the seat of my pants, kind of girl. But, knowing I must plan ahead for my meals has helped bring about a certain order in my life. For instance, I have to set my alarm on Saturday mornings so that I can be up early enough to get to the the local Farmer’s Market to buy my grain free meat and eggs. But instead of waking up begrudging the alarm on a day I used to sleep in ’till hours I shan’t mention, I wake up gleefully before the alarm and jump in the Caddy and race to Downtown Wake Forest. Why? Just for eggs? Not entirely. Dowtown Wake Forest holds magical places to explore and engaging people to visit. I love my Saturday morning routine now and wouldn’t trade it for even a single Saturday of sleeping in ever again!

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